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A New Kind Of Leader

Hi! My name is Melissa Watkinson and I am running for Bremerton City Council, district 3. I believe our city deserves a new kind of leadership that centers equity, brings people together safely, and envisions a sustainable and prosperous future. 


Throughout the pandemic, I heard the fears of small business owners as they contemplated closing up shop. I looked into the eyes of first responders and parents who hadn’t slept. We struggled, some more than others, to maintain our ways of life. Bremerton, however, came together to support one another, and as we emerge from the pandemic, our continued cooperation will make us stronger.


Listening to and understanding your values and challenges is important to me and how we shape local policy. I'm prepared to collaborate and co-develop strategies that are equitable and inclusive of our communities and that bridge opportunities for all. With hard work and determination to solve complex problems, I will serve our communities to create a resilient and regenerative Bremerton.


I would be honored to have your support in representing District 3 on the Bremerton City Council.

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